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Does cpap have to be used with nitro

Can we give a lower dose of Tylenol than the dosage of 960-1000mg as written in our directives? I had a patient who would state she could only tolerate one extra strength Tylenol and taking two would upset her stomach. Would it be wrong to give her 650mg instead of 975mg?

If you attend to an unresponsive patient with diabetes paraphernalia (glucometer kit, dexcom, empty bag of candy, etc) on them and your glucometer is malfunctioning, do you have sufficient cause to administer dextrose or glucagon?

Hello, How would you like us to proceed with a young pt (say under 30) who complains of chest pain and describes it as ischemic pain, saying all the right things ex; pressure, heaviness etc. But who is vitally stable and doesn’t not appear to be in any distress or severe pain. Would you still like us to treat it as ischemia on the side of caution even though it’s most likely anxiety/stess etc ?

Should I ask for a DNR in every scenario where I may use what's contraindicated? If I were to show up for an unconscious but not VSA female and her husband is on scene and doesn't mention the DNR, should I assume they want treatment and continue with inserting an OPA and bagging if necessary or should I ask for a DNR before starting treatment? Would I get in trouble in this scenario if I treated this patient without the husband saying anything and then once we got to the hospital found out they had a DNR?

Hello, two questions. 1. If I am bagging for a patient in respiratory distress but they do not have a supraglottic airway in, how would I measure their end tidal? Will just attaching my end tidal to the bvm without that same seal provide an accurate reading? 2. If I am assisting ventilations via BVM for a COPD patient who is in respiratory failure should I be concerned about their SpO2 going up to 100? Our current BVM's don't have a way to adjust how oxygen they are getting. I don't want to make my COPD patients hypercapnic by delivering too much O2.

Can we give Gravol to a patient who is pregnant? Are there any concerns or is it totally safe?

If a patient is given first time Nitro by a PCP IV but then isn’t ever actually prescribed nitro by a doctor does this count as prior hx of nitro use? Could a then PCP non IV give this pt nitro the next time they call?

Hello, I have a question regarding the 4th analysis when you’re actively calling for a medical TOR. If they’re around I’ll speak with family to give them an update on what we’ve been doing, that I’m going to call and doctor and what the outcome of that phone call may be. Often, after I’ve had that chat, and made the call by the time I’m back the 2mins has passed and a 4th analysis may have been done by my partner. What would you like to see happen there. Do we perform that 4th analysis or is that only performed just prior to departure if we’re transporting. Thanks for your help.

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