Date Archives: March-30-2021

With regards to pediatric resuscitation, are we to use the “pediatric” setting on the zoll for only less than 8 years old, or for >30 days to onset puberty? I was reading old Q&A for this, and it was made to seem like we only use the pediatric setting for less than 8 on the zoll, and anything older than that use the “adult“ setting

Just a question regarding a pediatric VSA. I was reading some other askmac questions and noticed they had said we use the “pediatric” defib setting for kids under 8, however if the child is over 8 and less than the onset of puberty, does that mean we’re still using the pediatric defibrillation setting or the adult setting on the semi-auto zoll?

Hi there. Q for a fluid bolus under the medical directives ROSC and Cardiogenic Shock have different intervals. ROSC has an “interval” of immediate Cardiogenic Shock has an “interval” of N/A But both are 10mL/kg to a max of 1000mL.

My question is can you TOR an opioid overdose cardiac arrest. The question came up recently and it seemed a simple yes because opioid overdose cardiac arrests are to be run as a standard medical arrest. However, some people have referenced the "very early transport after one analysis... for medication overdose/ toxicology." This is further confused by the 1-Mar-2012 Ask MAC submission where it was stated you could not obtain a TOR on an OD (but did not specify what type of OD). I am hoping you can provide some clarification on obtaining a TOR during an opioid overdose VSA.

With the new bronchoconstriction update, saying you can’t give Epi to pt’s unless they’re <50, does this apply only to the covid guidelines where you can administer it up to 2x if conditions met (asthma, cough, severe respiratory distress) or does the age now apply to the normal bronchoconstriction directive for Epi where you can give up to 0.5mg once too?