Date Archives: June-20-2022

When administering a fluid bolus to a cardiogenic shock patient, what is our targeted systolic blood pressure? Is it similar to that of a ROSC to target 90 mmHg, or reversing hypotension and targeting 100 mmHg?

Just wondering, I have heard of a few coworkers putting the cardiac monitor on when giving acetaminophen and ibuprofen and others are not putting it on. I was under the impression that the monitor had to be on prior to giving medications. Is this a must or not?

So we had a call to a burn victim that was grossly charred, but was breathing. He started to deteriorate in transport but we made it to the hospital. I was wondering if he were to arrest if that would be a traumatic VSA, I know it's not a blunt or penetrating trauma but it doesn't make much sense as a medical cardiac arrest either. Also could a patient meet the standards for an obvious death after patient contact?

I just have a question regarding analgesics. A contraindication for acetaminophen is “use of it within the last 4 hours”. Let’s say for an adult patient they took 500mg prior to EMS arrival, would it then be okay to administer an additional 500mg to complete the full max single dose of 1000mg or should you withhold the acetaminophen in honour of the contraindication?

Is it safe to use blanket warmers in the vehicles for warming IV fluids? I know that the infusion of ambient temperature (21°C) intravenous fluid may be a significant risk factor for severe hypothermia and the manufacturer of our IV fluids recommends a 40 °C for a max of 14 days. Do you know if this is being done anywhere effectively and safely and if so what are they using?

Pt with Hx of URTI and a Dx of Asthma. With all signs of croup (Barking cough, low grade fever, severe respiratory distress) on auscultation you hear stridor and whizzing in lungs. Which treatment should be prioritized? Salbutamol vs Epi (NEB)? Thank you

Can you rationalize the administration of Epi prior to salbutamol in severe asthma exacerbation Pt? I know they both have bronchodilatory properties, just curious as to the additional benefits