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For pediatric VSAs, at what heart rate do we initiate compressions?

Hello, question regarding cervical collar application. The BLS states that a collar should be applied with appropriate MOI if the Pt is altered LOC - however the Canadian Cspine flow chart states that cervical collars should only be used on stable, ALERT Pts. Is this a grey area where it is expected we use our judgement in terms of when it is appropriate to apply a collar vs manual cspine management? Or is there a certain GCS where manual cspine management is preferred over applying a collar? Thank you.

What is the language for medical directives and inter-facility transfers with escorts? If a patient meets the indications and conditions for a medical directive and has no contraindications for treatment, and this is something you would treat in the field, if the nurse escort says no to your med administration - What’s next? For example, chest pain transfer for possible STEMI, sending facility gave 160 mg ASA and stated patient has had their “full dose” of ASA so they can’t get any from EMS, and the sending doctor does not want patient having treatment from EMS.

can you insert an OPA in an old person

hello when treating a pt with adenosine the contra indications are active bronchial constriction on exam, the companion document also states that adenosine can cause bronchial constriction in asthmatic pts. so may question is ... is an asthmatic pt contraindicated for adenosine tx or is more of a relative vs absolute situation