Date Archives: 29-Jan-2021

Hi, I have a question in relation to the FTT standard. If I had a patient who was VSA on arrival due to a multi-system trauma (no penetrating injuries, only blunt), but does not qualify for trauma TOR because the closest ED is 10 minutes away but LTH is 20 minutes away... am I transporting to the ED or the LTH? I understand for penetrating injuries we are going to LTH if it's < 30 minutes, regardless of vital signs... but for other situations like the one I am stating, what is the appropriate action?

I know our standards as an ACP for over 18 years but if SVT encounter in a pediatric patient and long transport. If we patched got approval would this be appropriate based off the attached studies and success rate in comparison to the REVERT maneuver?

Question re potential med administration through a PICC line; would it be prudent to patch to Base Hospital for direction/permission to administer Gravol for example, in a pt who is declining additional IV initiation but already has a PICC line established and knowledge of how they self-administer their own medications? Thank you.

Need some clarification on when we do pulse checks during medical arrest protocol. Do we perform a pulse check after a no shock advised?

Why was an age restriction of 50 years of age placed on utilizing IM epinephrine for the Bronchoconstrictive Medical Directive in the latest update to the COVID-19 Management considerations?