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Are there any tools that we can use to differentiate Bell’s palsy from a CVA to prevent us from an unnecessary stroke bypass?

I was told during my I.V. course that it is O.K. to give dextrose immediately after Glucagon if an I.V. was achieved after Glucagon administration (failed I.V. attempts - give Glucagon - try another I.V. and succeed - give dextrose). Is this true? If so, would I have to record a new sugar reading prior to dextrose administration even if I’m prepared to give dextrose immediately after glucagon? Would there be any changes to the number of max doses of either drug I could administer in this case.

When considering Gravol, if the pt has taken any antihistamines, anticholinergics, or tricyclic anti depressants should we withhold Gravol or only if they already appear to have overdosed? For example, would it be o.k. to give the patient Gravol if they take a daily antihistamine for allergies?

Are we allowed to give acetaminophen and ibuprofen to someone who has a headache under the pain directive? I had 2 different patients not too long ago and both were complaining of a headache. One patient just ended up having just a headache while the other patient whom had a headache over several days with no facial droop, slurred speech, equal pupils and equal bilateral grip strengths turned out to be a bleed. Would it be ok to just give acetaminophen to our patients complaining of a headache and hold off on the ibuprofen? Headache is not a contraindication for the pain directive so this is why I am asking.

If the modified valsalva works & then they revert back into an SVT, can I perform the modified valsalva again? Is it only 2 attempts or 2 per episode if safe and feasible to do so; being sure not to perform more than 2 on scene delaying transport?

Can I only give Fentanyl if my patient doesn’t qualify for Morphine?

Can Morphine be mixed in 50 ml mini bags for easier administration & easier titration?

Does wheezing have to be present in the patient assessment to administer Ventolin?

If patient receives ASA from a certified provider, such as but not limited to other paramedics, doctors/nurses from clinics, are we required to administer another dose of ASA to the ACS patient. Also, does the patient have to have “chest pain” to administer ASA?

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