Date Archives: 25-May-2012

Question: I need some further clarification on the question "Seeking Clarification" from March 1 2012 regarding hypothermia. It has been my understanding that we DO NOT give medications to hypothermic VSA patients. I have clarified this before, unless this rule has changed since, so could you please readdress this part of the question for me?

Question: I am an A-EMCA certified paramedic (PCP) who opted to work in Ottawa full time for a full year after graduation in 2009. After returning to London to apply, I am now advised that my IV certification issued by RPPEO is not eligible for SWORBH. Are there IV certification courses I can take in London to become "IV Autonomous Certified" without going back to Fanshawe College to repeat my entire second year of school? Please let me know so that I may increase my eligibility to someday secure work here in my home town.

Question: I was just wondering when the smart phone app is going to be released with medical directives?