Date Archives: 23-Oct-2015

Question: With the expansion of Analgesia/pain relief being delivered to all paramedics. Is there going to be an addition to the standing order for the expansion of Ketorolac to the pediatric population either for ACP or PCP?

Question: At what gestation would it be deemed appropriate for neonatal resuscitation?

Question: Would it be a waste of a paramedic’s time to deliver Salbutamol through a BVM to an unconscious patient while setting up for Epi in the case of an Asthma or anaphylaxis? Would the OPA if used, not block the mist and prevent inhalation? To me, Epi administration (scenario dependent) would be the priority. Thanks

Question: A patient meets the Croup Medical Directive but has a fever, do you give Epi via nebulizer or not? I thought in the past this was dealt with but I am not able to source this through the Ask MAC website.

Question: How can we deal with doctors at clinics that abuse the EMS system? We frequently go to these clinics, lights and sirens, only to arrive with a non-emergency call. More often than not, the patient states "the doctor called you guys, because she said I will get in quicker than driving in by car." It gets very aggravating when the general public abuse the medical system, but when a medical doctor does it, that is way worse.

Question: In the situation of being an ACP making a rendezvous with a PCP crew to assist on a medical cardiac arrest patient that they already initiated transport with and did not arrest on route, would you suggest once we make patient contact to administer 3 EPI q4/lidocaine or amio/saline bolus (depending on rhythms), BHP patch and then continue transport or continue transport and administer epi q4 until transfer of core or ROSC? There seems to be different opinions about this in my service. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.