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Question: Can you administer diphenhydramine to a patient that is in moderated to severe allergic reaction? The old directive was clear on this, which was allowable. The current directive leaves medics guessing treatment intervention. Epinephrine is indicated as a first round drug for anaphylaxis, which is understandable.

Question: On a recent call, we transported a patient from a nursing home with a valid MOHLTC DNR. In the middle of all the paperwork was a nursing home DNR with level 1, level 2, and there was a check mark that the patient did not want to decide on a DNR status at this time. The MOHLTC DNR was dated in 2009 and the nursing home DNR was dated 2010. Do we respect the valid MOHLTC DNR or the nursing home DNR dated later?

Question: In recerts we were informed that if we are extricating a patient who suffered blunt trauma and they go VSA in front of us. We are to run it as a medical arrest since it was witnessed? Is this true?

I just read a previous MAC post and it stated: ANSWER: Great question! Assuming this is a first arrest, the correct sequence would be to pull over, confirm the patient is VSA, begin CPR, and follow the Trauma Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive which includes one rhythm analysis.

Could you please clarify this?

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