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Under clinical considerations medical cardiac arrest, plan for extrication and transport after 3 analyses. For Pediatric arrest would we do 3 analyses and go or complete 3 on scene and 4th before departing in ambulance?

When would it be appropriate to treat a non-epileptic (or commonly called pseudo-seizure) with midazolam?

My question is in regards to when an IV certified medic is working with a non-certified medic. If the certified medic establishes IV access and has a lock in place, but doesn’t give any fluids or medications can the non-certified medic still continue to attend the call? Or does the certified one become the attending. Specific example would be a Code Stroke where we established IV access prior to leaving scene, but it was originally the non-certified medics call.

The ALS PCS shows specific suction settings (based on age) for tracheostomy and ETT but what about for oropharyngeal suctioning? We’ve all been taught the values in school but I can’t for the life of me find a specific and reputable reference.

Should Ibuprofen be withheld for patients suffering possible Crohns, colitis and IBS flare ups?