Date Archives: 18-Jan-2013

Question: I was wondering if there was a reason that, according to the standing orders, if you want to give a patient under 25 kg Gravol you can call the BHP for an order but there is no stipulation for giving Benadryl to a patient under 25 kg's. Is this on purpose? It suggests to me I should not consider calling the BHP for an order for Benadryl for an under 25 kg pt. Is this correct?

Question: We had a patient who presented with bi lateral crackles and patient was in obvious distress and fit all of CPAP criteria, however the patient had a temp of 38.5. I remember that during our training it was clearly demonstrated that a patient with pneumonia is contraindicated for use of CPAP. Upon looking over the protocols it is not mentioned as a contra indication. Would CPAP be an appropriate treatment? If so would it still be appropriate if this patient was suspected of having pneumonia a few days prior by nursing staff. Thank you.

Question: In the event of a VSA where Anaphylaxis is the suspected cause, when would be the most ideal time to administer Epinephrine IM? I'm assuming we would start with CPR, attach PADS, Analyze, then Epi. Would this be a safe assumption?

Question: Does a patient that suffered from hanging, electrocution, and/or drowning fall under medical tor protocol? Also, if a patient is suffering from anaphylaxis and airway is completely obstructed and you had analyzed once and transported as per FB protocol if on route airway becomes relieved and you have good compliance do you pull over and start your medical cardiac arrest protocol? If first analyze on scene was no shock and you do pull over and have two more no shocks does it fall under a medical tor protocol?

Question: If a patient has a valid DNR, can they still fall under the Stroke Protocol? I realize the protocol's contraindications list a palliative patient or terminally ill but does not address DNR. DNR in my point of view only applies to a patient who is dead, and wishes to not be resuscitated. Treatment for stroke at a proper facility could restore the patient's quality of life if such is affected by the stroke, and I feel they should still be included. I just wanted to verify.