Date Archives: 18-Feb-2015

Question: I have been talking with my paramedic colleagues and I am wondering about the role of CPAP and aspiration. My understanding of the Medical Directive is that CPAP is not indicated for pneumonia or aspiration but rather severe SOB from either COPD or pulmonary edema. Can you please clarify the role of CPAP for respiratory distress patients with either pneumonia or aspiration as the underlying precipitating factor for their SOB?

Question: When administering Ketorolac, is it required that the medication is diluted prior to administration?

Question: As an Advanced Care Paramedic, can I administer dopamine IO?

Question: My question relates to analgesia that I can provide patients as an ACP. If I have a patient that meets the indications and conditions for Morphine or Fentanyl under the ACP Core Pain Medical Directive, and if the patient’s discomfort is improving with the administration of the above narcotic analgesic, is it a requirement that I must proceed to administer Ketorolac?

Question: When managing a cardiac arrest as a PCP and following the Medical Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive, if the patient does not qualify for a TOR (shock delivered, ROSC obtained at some point etc.), why is it required to patch to the BHP (Mandatory Provincial Patch Point) for authorization to transport when it is clear that transport is the only option?

Question: There has been a great deal written lately about the use of the long spine board (LSB) and its use in prehospital care. Many jurisdictions have eliminated or curtailed the use of the LSB due to the lack of clinical evidence supporting its benefit and the growing evidence that it actually increases morbidity and mortality in many types of patients. When is MAC going to examine this issue and hopefully revise the Standards to reflect the current knowledge base?