Date Archives: 1-Feb-2013

Question: We haven't heard much discussion on this topic lately, so could you please detail which vagal maneuvers we are able to perform?

Question: When dealing with a VSA FB obstruction, directives are to analyze once, load and go, revert to medical cardiac arrest if airway clears. Knowing the concern is no air to the patient due to the obstruction, would it not be advantageous to include airway blockage due to anaphylaxis as a one analysis directive and when or if the epi allows for the delivery of air, revert to a medical cardiac arrest? The airway is blocked either way.

Question: In regards to the bronchoconstriction protocol I was recently in a discussion with a coworker disputing the 5-15 min dosing interval. The question was does this interval begin when treatment begins or once a treatment is completed. For example nebulized ventolin may take approximately 5 mins to fully nebulize could I administer a second treatment immediately or would I have to wait 5-15 mins post completion of a treatment. Clarification would be greatly appreciated.