Date Archives: 03-Jul-2012

Question: Do all Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors generic names end in "fil"? Are all drugs that end "fil" Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors? Is this an adequate way to start down the path toward withholding Nitro due to Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor contraindication?

Question: I have some questions regarding supplemental oxygen. For a patient who requires oxygen, but is vomiting frequently is a nasal cannula an adequate oxygen delivery system, or should a Non Rebreather be continually removed an reapplied as necessary? Also I see a wide range of flow rates applied to the nasal cannula (anywhere from 2-8 lpm). What flow rate is most beneficial to a patient in a pre-hospital setting who requires supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula?

Question: In the medical cardiac arrest directive it states, “In unusual circumstances (e.g. pediatric), consider initiating transportation following the first rhythm analysis that does not result in a defibrillation being deliver." My question is: What is the age range for a pediatric? Thanks in advance.