Search Tips

The Ask MAC website has different search options when browsing for question and answers. You will notice a menu on the right hand side with different boxes. You will use these boxes/fields when searching for question and answers.


You can search a question by:
Click on the search options below to expand for more information.

You can search for questions by categories from the drop down list located on the right. You can select either:
  • ALS Patient Care Standards 4.0 (NEW),
  • BLS Patient Care Standards or
  • Medical Directives,
  • Miscellaneous.
Some main categories will allow you to drill down even further into sub-categories to help refine your search.

Medical Directives -> Medical Cardiac Arrest
BLS Standards -> Do Not Resuscitate

Once you have selected your category and/or sub-category, click the submit button. It will display all the questions answered within that topic. Note: Some questions may be posted in more than one category.

If you are unsure what category a question may fall under, then please see Search by Keyword.
You can search for questions by the date they were posted. The drop down list located on the right is grouped by dates.

This is a good option if you have recently submitted a question and want to see if it has been answered yet.
You can search for questions by typing in a keyword in the search box located to the right.

Each question posted to the website is assigned with a number of keywords. We review the questions prior to posting and identify words that may be relevant when searching for a specific question.

Tips for searching:
  • Keywords are not case sensitive
  • Search for partial words (e.g. resus)
  • Search for acronyms (e.g. ASA, TOR)
  • Use more than one keyword to refine your search
  • Search for an exact phrase using quotations (e.g. “Base Hospital Patch”)


Stay Updated:

We post notifications in many locations when new question and answers are posted on the Ask MAC website. You can find these updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter, as well as, an email notification is sent to all Paramedic Services to share with staff.



If you cannot view the answers and you are using Internet Explorer, try clicking on the icon highlighted in red below. This will allow you to view the website in “Compatibility View” which should allow you to view the answers.



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