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Hello I attended to a patient who was in adrenal crisis from Addison’s disease. Pt presented with nausea/vomiting for 4 days, hypotension, GCS 14, tachycardia, fever of 38.8 tympanic with all other vitals within normal parameters. Pt had no food and minimal water intake for those 4 days. Pt had medic alert bracelet with adrenal crisis on one side and cortisol on the other. Pt states she has been taking her medications as prescribed. We asked pt if she had a vial when she was in an adrenal crisis and she said yes in my car and her family member went and got it. When they returned crew found it to say dexamethasone. My question is should we have called BHP for orders to give dexamethasone as our directive states hydrocortisone only for adrenal crisis pts.

What is the language for medical directives and inter-facility transfers with escorts? If a patient meets the indications and conditions for a medical directive and has no contraindications for treatment, and this is something you would treat in the field, if the nurse escort says no to your med administration - What’s next? For example, chest pain transfer for possible STEMI, sending facility gave 160 mg ASA and stated patient has had their “full dose” of ASA so they can’t get any from EMS, and the sending doctor does not want patient having treatment from EMS.

can you insert an OPA in an old person

Just wondering, I have heard of a few coworkers putting the cardiac monitor on when giving acetaminophen and ibuprofen and others are not putting it on. I was under the impression that the monitor had to be on prior to giving medications. Is this a must or not?

On our ACRS, when we have rhythm interpretation and if we are unsure of what the rhythm is, is it okay to leave it blank?

Tension pneumothorax Could someone please clarify the BLS section on ventilating a suspected tension pneumothorax. Is it just slower and not as hard of a squeeze as usual

What is our responsibilities once a patient has been arrested under the mental health act? Is it considered implied consent? Are we responsible for vital taking, blood sugar and treatment if the BG is below four? Can the patient refused treatment with a decreased BG and a GCS of 14(confusion)?

Question: When doing resuscitation on babies born prematurely. Do we consider their corrected age to follow the appropriate resuscitation procedure or do we go by their actual birthday? ie) if baby was born 4 weeks premature, do we consider them to be neonatal and follow 3:1 compression and ventilation rate until they are 8 or 9 weeks after birth?

Question: Good afternoon. I just have a question regarding a VSA patient scenario. If the patient has a pulse with an SGA inserted (patient tolerates SGA) to give ventilations, how many ventilations would I give? 1 every 10 seconds or 1 every 5-6 seconds? And do I also wear an N95 mask?

I am an PCP IV certified paramedic, working with a non IV medic. If we have a hypoglycemic patient do I need to attend & consider D10/D50 or can my non IV partner treat the patient with Glucagon instead?” Same question for Gravol; do they need to get it IV or can non IV certified medic give it IM?

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