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Question: Once I've started my bolus, do I stop once just above 90 say 92 or do I stop once normal tensive at 100? This has been tossed around so many times and I get both answers.

Question: A hospital wants to send a hip fracture patient for transfer. They claim blood pressure is normally high 80's and doesn't require an escort. Should they not still be sending one?

Question: If an IV certified paramedic with a non-IV certified partner initiates a saline lock but does not give fluid or medication; can the partner without IV certification attend the call?

Question: Is the IV protocol like others in that once the patient falls out of a protocol, they cannot be put back in. For example, patient initial BP less than 90 systolic, decision made to load patient prior to IV attempt, on loading patient BP now above 90.

Question: Is a non-IV certified paramedic allowed to monitor an IV started TKVO by an IV certified paramedic on route to the hospital?

Question: I was just wondering if we have a patient with a valid DNR are we still allowed to Bolus if they fit our protocol or is this considered an advanced life saving technique?

Question: I apologize in advance if this question is redundant, but I have searched and cannot find an answer. For a crew where both medics are IV certified (autonomous certification), are both medics allowed 2 starts (4 attempts in total) on a single patient? Or are attempts limited to 2 attempts per patient regardless of who makes the attempts? Thanks.

Question: I am a PCP and was wondering what constitutes a IV attempt. Does simply palpating and visually assessing the patient constitute an attempt if I do not find an accessible vein and do not blindly pic attempt insertion?

Question: In the ROSC protocol I do not notice an age range specified. If we have a patient 0-2 years old that has a ROSC, can we bolus? Thank you.

Question: I was recently on a call with a patient presenting with a tachy rhythm of 157 and his blood pressure was 74/42. I proceeded to start a line and was going to bolus but subsequent pressures were above 90 systolic. Would it have been reasonable to not bolus due to the fact that this patient most likely had a decreased BP due to the Fast heart rate and not because of a fluid deficit?

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