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Question: If a hypothermic patient re-arrests is it considered a new protocol or just continue transport? Due to the 1 shock protocol.

Question: What is the rationale behind no longer doing a 45 second pulse check on a severely hypothermic patient? BLS patient care standards in section 4-11 assessments #3 states a 45 second pulse and breathing check.

I understand that ALS standards trump BLS standards. Other than a summary that came from RPPEO August 2011 on the new November Directives where it stated no more 45 second pulse checks, there is no mention in the new Directives of this change that I could find.

Question: In a hypothermia patient, what is the reason behind the possibility of them going into A Fib?

Question: With regards to the CPAP protocol, one contraindication is a tracheostomy. If this was just temporary and the tube had recently been removed, would CPAP be able to be administered?