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Pt with Hx of URTI and a Dx of Asthma. With all signs of croup (Barking cough, low grade fever, severe respiratory distress) on auscultation you hear stridor and whizzing in lungs. Which treatment should be prioritized? Salbutamol vs Epi (NEB)? Thank you

Question: A patient meets the Croup Medical Directive but has a fever, do you give Epi via nebulizer or not? I thought in the past this was dealt with but I am not able to source this through the Ask MAC website.

Question: Multi-part question on croup. I've heard that croup is becoming more prevalent in older children (8 years & up). What is the incidence of croup in older children, and how would their treatment differ in the ER from the < 8 year old group?