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In keeping with the Covid-19 Cardiac Arrest algorithms can Midaz procedural sedation be applied to SGA similar to how it is used for ETT maintenance post ROSC should the pt increase gcs during the ROSC?

Question: In the case of a post-ictal combative patient, is time considered a "reversible" cause? I'm hesitant to jump to sedation for somebody who could resolve on their own in a few minutes. However, today we had a case where we held off, but the patient was not improving and beginning to pose a danger to himself so we went ahead with the standing order. Should we have initiated it immediately? Or if safe for the patient wait to see if they do resolve on their own, and what would be an acceptable time frame?

Question: When it comes to chemical sedation for combative or procedural reasons I noticed that the IN route is not included. I have read the rational for this in a previous question asked of MAC (Jan 19 2012). In this question it is mentioned SWORBH was suggesting the IN route be added during my re-cert I forgot to ask if that had taken effect. Is IN acceptable in these circumstances?