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Why does Ketorolac in the Analgesia Medical Directive have normotensive as a condition, when other NSAID directives do not include a SBP condition?

Should Ibuprofen be withheld for patients suffering possible Crohns, colitis and IBS flare ups?

Have alternative pain control options such as oral morphine and nitrous oxide been (re)considered recently for pre-hospital administration? If not, what's the reasoning?

Just wondering, I have heard of a few coworkers putting the cardiac monitor on when giving acetaminophen and ibuprofen and others are not putting it on. I was under the impression that the monitor had to be on prior to giving medications. Is this a must or not?

I just have a question regarding analgesics. A contraindication for acetaminophen is “use of it within the last 4 hours”. Let’s say for an adult patient they took 500mg prior to EMS arrival, would it then be okay to administer an additional 500mg to complete the full max single dose of 1000mg or should you withhold the acetaminophen in honour of the contraindication?

Can we give a lower dose of Tylenol than the dosage of 960-1000mg as written in our directives? I had a patient who would state she could only tolerate one extra strength Tylenol and taking two would upset her stomach. Would it be wrong to give her 650mg instead of 975mg?

As far as the contraindications for ketorolac and ibuprofen, what are the medications that are classified as anticoagulation therapy? I know daily ASA is not but are all blood thinners? Or just specific ones? We have been seeing a lot of eliquis and xarelto lately for example.

I have a question regarding analgesic administration in regards to abdominal pain (ex diverticulitis, hernia). If the pt is complaining of abdominal pain stating "it feels just like my diverticulitis acting up" Or due to hernia pain with evidence of a protruding hernia, would it be appropriate to consider analgesic medication if no contraindications are met? Although you are not 100% certain of the underlying cause in the pre hospital setting

If I want a faster onset of pain relief can I go straight to Ketorolac IV?

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