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Are sublingual medications part of the considerations, since IN and buccal are?

With regards to considerations for Bronchoconstriction it says that with severe resp distress and a cough (with or without need for BVM) that we can consider IM epi “as per the bronchoconstriction medical directive”. Does that mean they still need to have a hx of asthma?

What is a closed suctioning system?

Does the suctioning restriction apply to all forms of suctioning?

Are we entitled to the scientific reasoning why we are no longer providing CPAP to patients? What is the expectation when I am unable to confirm COVID-19 and my immediate presentation would improve with CPAP administration?

I am seeing information from sources I trust discouraging the use of BVM’s (even with filters) and BIPAP for suspected COVID-19 patients with respiratory distress (due to the danger of aerosolizing the virus). NRB use (also not ideal) with early (Safe) intubation (no pre oxygenation with BVM) is encouraged. the last update from SWORBP stated that CPAP should be avoided with suspected Corona virus patients (I’m assuming for the same reason), but continuing to advocate for assisted ventilations. Any update on BVM use?

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