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Question: Why is SGA preferred over ETT during the pandemic? Will I be penalized if I have to intubate someone?

Question: With the new recommendations for oxygen during the pandemic, I’m a bit confused as to what to do if my patient needs >5L NP?

Question: hello, in regards to COVID 19, are paramedics using surgical masks or N-95 when applying Flo2max? will it depend if our patient is screened negative or positive or pending? I understand in AGMP's we are to use N-95. it is my understanding that Flo2max is a high concentration/ low flow mask system. a second question, would you advise to proceed with applying flo2max rather than NRB masks on all patients who are FREI positive and/or Covid 19 screened positive?

Seeking clarification for salbutamol administration down ETT based on the Ask MAC posted April 3rd regarding ETT administration: Are we still able to use our MDI-adapter wherein the MDI canister is inserted and left in, creating a closed-system circuit?

Question: Can you clarify for medications down the ETT (is it only referring to Cardiac Drugs?) : if use of ventolin admin via MDI & BVM in pre-arrest /unconscious state, can follow-up doses with ventolin be administered down ETT post intubation?

Question: Where do I find a COVID19 + resource through SWORBHP OR MOH of a chart...of when a pt with potential Positive (as mine was) should be suggested to stay home for no service or be transported due to risk factors. I am specifically looking for vital parameters, comorbity inclusion/exclusions...?. the only current available is verbally on the WHO.

Two questions First: Piggbacking on the question regarding nasal cannula vs NRM. Should the service be equipped with a filtered NRM is there a BETTER option between the filtered NRM or low flow nasal cannula. Keeping in mind that the filtered NRM fits large on many pt's faces and isn't like CPAP where a good seal is provided. Second: Is high flow oxygen considered aerosol generating where we should be wearing an N95 when providing or no? Thanks!

Questions regarding intubation. Should we be opting for aggressive airway management with intubation or SGA on VSA patients as well as severely obtunded non-asthmatic patients where patient presentation would allow? Should this take precedence over ACLS drugs during cardiac arrest? When intubated with inline filter in place are we permitted to BVM an normal rate?

In light of the COVID 19 crisis occurring and recent posting from the service about the use of the NRB in patients that are experiencing FREI symptoms and potential exposure to COVID 19 with low O2 sats and difficulty breathing, would the paramedics be supported by the Base Hospital if the patient only received a nasal cannula application at max flow rate of 6 lpm or if they were to use high concentration-low flow masks (Hi-OX, FloO2 system).

1)In regards to the bronchoconstriction medical directive with the indication to give epinephrine (severe respiratory distress and cough, with or without BVM, and hx of asthma), does this only apply to patients who screen COVID- POSITIVE? or all patients. 2) Does the new indications for BVM (RR <6 or <40 and SPO2 less than 85% on oxygen) only apply to COVID POSITIVE patients? 3) All other "IN ALL CASES" for medications sent out by SWORBHP (ex. no CPAP, no neb Ventolin, no suctioning) does this only apply to patients screen POSITIVE? OR ALL patients (even if they don't screen positive).

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