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Question: My question is regarding CTAS with symptoms relief administration. It was my understanding that years ago symptom relief pocket books had an adverb that read something to the effect of " If a symptom relief medication is administered then you should return to the ED no less than CTAS 2". It seems to me there are circumstances that would allow symptom relief to be administered and return CTAS 3 or less. (i.e. Nausea due to flu gravol administered, mild to moderate allergic reactions with benadryl administered...) I had a debate with a peer stating it was their belief that any time SR is administered we are still to return code 4 CTAS 2. I was under the impression as thinking medics we could use some discretion, is this the case or should we always return minimum CTAS 2 in that scenario.

Question: I am a recent graduate and have a question regarding the traumatic VSA protocol. We arrive on scene to find 5 patients. Two are VSA and three are CTAS 2. The next ambulance is 5 min away. We use triage but after the three CTAS 2 patients are gone what do we do with the 2 VSA patients? Are we to do a Trauma TOR? Or is it just left at that point?

Question: I was on a call recently where I was instructed that all patients from a scene, where there has been a fatality, are CTAS 2. I had never heard of this so I asked our Quality Assurance and they said that all patients from the vehicle which had the fatality in it are CTAS 2. They also told me that Victoria Hospital (LHSC) is thinking about making them all CTAS 1. I asked around and not many people had heard about this. I looked through the original CTAS course module and could not find anything on this. I thought we were supposed to CTAS according to presenting condition. Some of these people are out walking around at the scene with no complaints.