TOTW: Rolling TOR-Paramedic Responsibility for Contacting the Coroner

TOTW: Rolling TOR – Paramedic Responsibility for Contacting the Coroner
Posted on: January 2, 2023

Should you encounter a scenario in which you patch for and receive orders for a “Rolling TOR”, per the BLS-PCS, it is the paramedic’s responsibility to advise CACC to contact the coroner. Although the true pronouncement and time of death will be determined at the hospital by the receiving ER physician, in these rare situations, the coroner also should be notified via the paramedic contacting the CACC.

Under the Deceased Patient Standard: “If termination of resuscitation occurs in the ambulance en route to a health care facility, advise CACC/ACS to contact the coroner, and continue to the destination unless otherwise directed by CACC/ACS”.

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