My question is regarding STEMI bypass and hyperacute T Waves. We were called out for a 60’s male patient experiencing chest pain after some physical exercise. It was quite apparent patient was likely having a cardiac event upon arrival and first examination. Patient had 8/10 midsternal pain (pressure) with radiation into shoulders. Patient was clammy, cool and diaphoretic. Patient had a weak radial pulse. After giving ASA 12 leads were obtained. Each showing hyperacute T waves in the chest lead V2 – V5. No elevation is noted, upon multiple 12 leads. No nitro was given as heart rate was below 60, but a lock was established. Patient was stable and wouldn’t have any of the contraindication to STEMI bypass. We are a rural service and closest hospital is 7 minutes away and transport time to the cath lab would be roughly 25 minutes. Just curious how base hospital would like us to proceed on these calls in the future? a – go directly to closest hospital as there is no elevation yet and doesn’t quite meet STEMI bypass b- call the closest cath lab and let the cardiologist decide c- first call base hospital to ask for further direction to see if cath lab should be called, then proceed from there. Thanks in advance