TOTW: Symptomatic Bradycardia

TOTW: Symptomatic Bradycardia
Posted on: May 12th, 2021

TOTW: Symptomatic-Bradycardia

Please remember when treating a patient with Symptomatic Bradycardia:

The patient is required to be:
2. HEMODYNAMICALLY Unstable (refers specifically to SBP <90)
3. ≥18 years

Please remember the 12 LEAD (as early as possible)!

Treatment Pearls:
Dopamine = Starts at 5 mcg/kg/min titrate SBP to ≥ 90 to < 110
Pacing = start at 80 beats/min and then increase mA until capture (mechanical/electrical) then go 10 mA above to lock it in.

*See the OBHG Companion Document (v4.9) for further pearls and considerations regarding this Medical Directive

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