Prematurity and Age Definitions

Prematurity and Age Definitions
Posted on: February 25, 2019

Chronological Age = the number of days, weeks, months from his or her actual date of delivery.

Corrected Age = Age adjusted from birth, based on prematurity. Also referred to as “Adjusted age”

Corrected Age = Chronological Age – Weeks or Months of Prematurity

When a neonate is born prematurely, they have not matured to the same extent as a baby born at term. Therefore, in order to give an accurate assessment of their developmental abilities, they are measured from a developmental-standpoint, based on their “corrected age”.
For example, a baby born 30 days early, who is now 49 days old, is a “corrected age” of 19 days.

Corrected Age = (49 days-old) – (30 days premature) = 19 days old

Although this term may be used to help direct developmental assessment, from a prehospital standpoint, only the Chronological Age is used to help determine treatment. Therefore, the above mentioned patient would be treated as a 49-day old pediatric patient, not a 19-day old neonate in the event of an arrest situation.

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