Question: This question is regarding advance airway. I really don’t like the basic airway first then if there is a problem, now go to the advance airway, ie: intubation, I have had saves due intubation right away. Once the vomit starts it’s very hard to control the airway or intubate, during CPR, the vomit can come out in excess amounts that the suction cannot keep up with, let alone if by chance you do get a save, the patient dies of aspiration pneumonia later! Yes it’s a paramedic’s discretion to intubate or not, if you have a good seal with a basic airway and an IV you can run a code, and it’s also said intubation stops CPR, well all the CPR in the world won’t help if the airway is uncontrolled. This ROC survey with basic airway for the first 6 minutes can really cause a negative patient outcome if he vomits in excess. Well at least my compression stats are good!!!! Maybe this should be discussed in the next recert. Signed an ALS Paramedic.